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This page contains a changelog and rough feature timeline for sybil and snorkel changes.
A longer form history of the project can be found here




  • ported all views (except map view) from snorkel to snorkel.lite
  • re-tested all views from snorkel.lite
  • packaged snorkel.lite into a pip installable package
  • pushed snorkel.lite to github
  • migrated all servers to use snorkel.lite
  • implemented RBAC auth and google oauth as auth schemes
  • add randomized ingestion to msybil



  • working on python version of snorkel - known as snorkel.lite for now - moving away from nodejs version, due to ecosystem concerns


  • audited NPM dependencies in snorkel: fixed most issues, but some low and medium pri remain
  • looked at typescript for snorkel, did not go forward with it


Q4 (0.5.0)

  • add msybil binary for distributed queries
  • Add map view based on datamaps

Q3 (0.4.0)

  • add new input for selecting multiple aggregate metrics per column
  • add support for sybil’s nested histograms
  • fix table popover related bugs
  • add regex escaping to table popover based filters
  • updating dist view with focus charts (zoomable line charts)
  • add initial plugin support for views, dataset presenters and snorkel config

Q2 (0.1.0)

  • quick select custom time filters from time series graphs
  • update multi-seasonal forecasting model to work with sparse data
  • add access controls using RBAC rules (see config.js and users.rbac)
  • turn the snorkel landing page off by default
  • better nvd3 tooltips

Q1 (0.0.20)

  • packaging for snapcraft and app image
  • fix mongo bugs (thanks adhil!)
  • update repository link (thanks bruce!)


Q4 (0.0.17)

  • add custom time inputs for all views
  • add reversable axes to scatter plot
  • use summed line charts instead of area charts
  • switch to nvd3 for primary plotting
  • add time series forecasting
  • add weco process control view
  • fix chosen selector bug

Q2 (0.0.16)

  • add dataset listing page
  • switch default config engine to linvo db (levelup based)
  • add directed graph view
  • upgrade chosen plugin to 1.6
  • polishing distribution view
  • updating screenshots
  • remove adhoc CSV upload feature
  • further upgrades to work with sybil
  • update to flatly theme for bootstrap
  • fix bootstrap popovers in different views

Q1 (0.0.11)

  • upgrade to support any mongo or postgres database using postgres_raw and mongo_raw backend adapters
  • add support for grafana dashboarding via custom endpoint
  • remove old dashboarding code in favor of grafana
  • initial support for sybil: a backend built for instrumentation
  • Update to using google oauth instead of google open ID
  • update dataset settings page a bit
  • add snorkel tour page



  • add optional unauthenticated API endpoint
  • all query data is downloadable as CSV or JSON
  • custom column formatter
  • add query history browser
  • add per dataset RSS feeds overlay for timeseries
  • add new views, including bar graph view and multi dist
  • add simple dashboarding (later to be replaced by grafana)
  • add dataset presenters
  • add google oauth based authentication
  • add dataset listing page
  • support mongo and postgres BSON


  • Initial release of snorkel: supports table, time series, distribution and samples view
  • All data is kept in mongo, including configuration




  • speculative work on calculated columns, tried out 3 expr evaluators
  • add t-digest for histogramming
  • remove megalinter from CI builds
  • investigating restoring session queries, thinking about how to build the snorkel UI for these


Q3 & Q4

  • (tmc) grpc server: can accept and run queries over GRPC
  • (tmc) benchmarks
  • (tmc) test suite upgrades

Q1 & Q2

  • added plaitpy data generators for testing fake data
  • wrote query caching paper


Q4 (0.5.0)

  • support for distributed & remote queries with msybil script
  • using loglogbeta for approximate count distinct queries
  • add a new intermediate result pruning stage during map / reduce
  • speeding up high cardinality string loading off disk

Q3 (0.4.0)

  • add query caching support
  • add nested histogram support
  • test out tdigest and hdr histogram, they don’t make the cut

Q2 (0.2.0)

  • add auto-compaction to ingest process
  • try out luajit, eventually discard it
  • add export to TSV option
  • support custom field delimiters for query flags

Q1 (0.1.0)

  • add support for reading gzipped files: any file can be gzipped
  • switch to using more helpful commit format


Q4 (0.0.8)

  • fixes for go’s test behavior: now tests fail properly

Q2 (0.0.7)

  • deliberately recycle memory (turn off GC) for speed
  • testing out session queries (since removed)
  • strengthening table lock recovery and multi-process behavior
  • add table trim command for pruning based on age or table size

Q1 (0.0.1)

  • sybil released as a JSON column store

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